"Egyptian Revival"

Created in 2017 as my Capstone thesis project, 'Egyptian Revival' was a series of re-imaginings of classic Ancient Egyptian gods filtered through a lens of fantasy with a more historically accurate approach than most modern day media.


Applied as images in a tabletop rpg supplemental book and as stand-alone pieces in Tarot cards, this collection was showcased at the Columbus College of Art & Design's Chroma gallery showcase. This gallery showcase opens annually to the public and features a limited selection of students from that year's graduating class. These students, ten from each major, are chosen by the college to represent the best of the best in that specialty as well as the college itself to the public and future students. 

Painted Works

A collection of various painted works I've made over the past few years. Gifts for friends and family to testing out new designs and making things for my own enjoyment. Gouache, watercolor, and ink are some of my favorite traditional media combinations to work with to achieve the bright colors, fanciful lines, and energy I come to enjoy with cartooning.

Digital Works

Sitting with my tablet and illustrating is the most comfortable way that I create my art. For me, it is familiar, reliable, and the easiest way to get right into the flow that results in a crisp and pleasing image. Cartooning is something that brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment, but digital painting and working with realism provides me with a fun challenge to expand my skills.

Applied Illustrations

The pieces shown here are all items that I designed and illustrated the imagery for before being applied to the final piece it was made for. Having a physical object with my work on it makes the time and effort I put in feel more satisfying.

"SECO Science
Symposium 2019 Logo"

Created in 2019 for the SECO (Science Education Council of Ohio) Science Symposium of 2019. This piece was a donation made free of charge to help advertise for that year's symposium. As the daughter of a science educator and understanding the importance of imparting the knowledge that helps us to understand our world, I was happy to work with SECO in spreading the message. Given some basic jumping-off points for ideas, I created the present logos for them in whatever way they may be needed to advertise. Full color shaded images for nicely printed flyer and more limited color versions so they could be applied to goods such as t-shirts, koozies, or tote bags for more affordable costs.

"KOI Insulin4all Logo"

Made in 2018 for the T1International Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana chapter to use as a unifying logo for the organization. T1International is a charitable organization that recruits volunteer advocates to fight for more affordable insulin costs with focus on those with Type 1 Diabetes of all ages. T1International works to help those without reliable access to insulin to be able to afford the life-saving medication that those with Type 1 Diabetes rely on daily.

The KOI branch has since disbanded, becoming large enough to require individual chapters for Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Each state now has their own chapter, no longer needing to rely on the entire tri-state to make the numbers needed.