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My Works

Scroll down below and you'll find collections of my artwork, ranging from illustration to objects that I've produced. Simply click the link next to the preview image to check it out!

totodile gouache watercolor.jpg

These are all works of illustration I've made in a variety of mediums both digital and traditional. You'll find it a mix of original works, commissions, and pieces I've made simply for my own enjoyment. I hope you enjoy them too!

This is where you'll find examples of comics I've created. As an illustrator, comics and sequential art has been my focus and something I'm incredibly passionate about.

FriendQuest Chapter 1 Cover.jpg
temple house.jpg

Every big project has to start somewhere! Every finished piece has its origins from environments and world ideas to the early prompts of characters that inhabit them.

Take a peek inside here to see a number of ways that I've been able to turn something as familiar as letters into art! Words can be crafted from anything like pencil and pen on paper and even marshmallows and sand.

Nick Valentine Gif 1.gif

Sometimes you want your illustrations to evoke more life to them to tell your story or concept. It's like comics, but way more panels and all at once!

If the art I make doesn't fit into any of the above categories, it goes here! Sculpture, fabric work, book binding, etc. This is where it lives!

lantern house 3.jpg
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