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You're probably wondering why
I gathered you here today...

Well, technically you were the one who clicked the 'About' page! Now you have to sit here and learn about me. Or you can navigate to another page, that's cool too.

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Kenzie Fields (that's me!)

Kenzie Fields is an Illustrator, a Writer, Game Dev, and just like everyone else; a skeleton just waiting for the right moment to break free of her flesh prison. Graduating from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2017 with a degree in Illustration, she has continued to pursue her career in art after having published her first graphic novel FriendQuest in 2016. The founder and CEO of Ghostly Muse Comics LLC, she is currently working on the remaster of her first book. She has had work in a variety of publications from CCAD's very own Spitball comics anthologies to third party tabletop game supplements. Kenzie has provided hundreds of art assets for indy games, tabletop and video games alike. She has done mascot and logo work for a number of charities and organizations ranging from KOIinsulin4all and T1International, The Brony Thank You Fund 501(c)(3), InsideOut Studio, and SECO - the Science Education Council of Ohio.

Illustration isn't the only thing she has going for her either - if it's related to art in some way, she's had her hands in it at some point or is planning to dive in the first chance she gets. From laser engravers and vinyl printers to sculpting and hand book-binding, she loves to explore all of the ins and outs of making from the very first step to the last. When not making art, she enjoys watching cartoons and animation, playing video games, dungeon delving in D&D, caring for her massive collection of skulls, and translating Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs.


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