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"Spirit Houses"

My own spookier take on the concept of 'Fairy Houses', I enjoy making fantastical little abodes with elements of adventure and minor horror tossed in. The vast majority of props, furniture, and food present are completely hand-crafted from scratch while others are conveniently shaped beads, knick-knacks, and real bone that lend themselves well to the scene I'm trying to create.

I also enjoy incorporating dried plants and mosses to give the impression of locations being reclaimed by nature. This prompts the viewer to wonder just how long these small places have been abandoned.... or maybe they never were and the occupants merely slip in and out unseen?

"Book Binding"

One year I took a couple free short classes at my local library where they were offering to showcase and teach how to make simple handmade books. After one class, I was already hooked. Making books by hand is a labor of love but one that often ends in a beautiful keepsake.


The artistry involved is not always apparent, but the crafting of the covers, the different styles of stitching, and how one combines their materials make it much clearer. Books as a form themselves are an often overlooked craft.

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