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"Sam Humphries"


In 2016 I was part of the Columbus College of Art & Design's Comics Anthology course - an exclusive course that only ten students each year would be chosen to participate in after portfolio submission. Each student was paired with a professional writer in the comics field to illustrate the comic written for the anthology.

My first year in the program I was paired with writer Sam Humphries to bring to life "Haunted Boston" - our contribution to the Spitball Comics Anthology.

Afterwards, I made this fun little animated portrait for him as thanks for working with me on the project and being one of my first exposures to what it is like working in the professional comics field.

"Happy Valentine's Day"

Created in 2016, I did a small series of animated loops featuring Nick Valentine from "Fallout 4". With one of the most popular companions available to join your adventures in the game and the date of his namesake approaching, I posted these online for viewers to share on February 14th.

Ultimately this was a fun character to stylize and take inspiration from the art style of the 1950's that the game itself also draws heavy influences from. Even today as Valentine's Day rolls around I will get notifications of this .gif series making the rounds once again.

"Chess Demons"

Another series from 2016, these creatures are some of the antagonists that will be appearing in my graphic novel series FriendQuest.

The Chess Demons, malicious spirits born out of the fear and sorrow caused by organized conflict, prey on the inhabitants of the world looking to siphon and corrupt mana from the innocent. They are cold and precise in their duties and increase in both power and size depending on their ranking. Pawns are annoying, typically expendable comic relief compared to the raw and merciless power held by the Queen.


One of the main characters of my graphic novel series FriendQuest, Gaiihl is the ghost of an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who is very willing to get with the times. These were created in 2016 for promotion that online readers loyal to the series would enjoy to greet the holidays.

"Hapi, God of the Nile"

This piece was created in 2016 for an educational project mockup, a quick informative video that would play animations in sequence for viewers to learn and explore prominent figures in mythology and religion.


"Guess what's on Netflix"

The years of 2016 - 2017 were busy, busy years for me at the Columbus College of Art & Design as graduation was fast approaching. To help pass the hours engulfed in my work and projects needed to earn my degree, a bit of fun background noise was a must-have. Ghost Adventures was one of those shows that helped fill my hours of work with fun and prompted me to combine some simple and humorous animation with my favorite medium of comics that I could post to social media.



Created in 2016, this piece was one taken on commission by an individual who wanted to have a looping animation of their original character sitting atop the iconic clocktower in the "Kingdom Hearts" videogame series.

A sunset, rolling clouds, and the passage of time were important themes I was asked to incorporate for the client. Couple this with the more organic movements of the character's clothing and hair compared to the world around him makes him a focal point that the viewer is inevitably drawn back to.

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