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"Critical Role"

During my college years and presently I remain a dedicated fan of the Critical Role series. These pieces were done as my gift to a series that has given me inspiration in turn. Themed after characters and the events in the show. The team creating the series along with some of the actors involved saw fit to feature a number of my pieces during the intermission segment of a number of airing episodes.


No longer a simple web-series, Critical Role has gone on to publish books and work officially with Wizards of the Coast - their growing popularity giving my works as a fan more exposure than I could have imagined. These pieces can still be found in the recorded videos posted online, along with other pieces of my work that I've created for them over the years.



Created in 2017 as a project focusing on lettering, the concept involved pondering what lettering could be made of that is not often considered. Given the prompt of 'food' I wanted to get around the obvious solution of lettering via icing or pre-made candy words.

Having been camping with my family recently, the idea of somewhat pliable, sticky, gooey marshmallows felt like a solid answer. I snipped and carved at each one to form the letter to the word, photographing and assembling all of the elements digitally later. Once I was finished, the physical assets turned out to be a great snack.

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