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"FriendQuest Concepts"

With the initial ideas forming a full concept in 2013, I began my journey to create my own graphic novel series titled FriendQuest. Having entered print in 2016 with two complete print runs sold, I am currently working on a remaster of the first book completed during my college years before tackling the next installation in the series.

Here, you'll find environment, mechanic, and character concepts that have been integrated or will soon be integrated into the remaster. The daily drawing challenges popular during October make up many of these as I go in with the intent of eventually sharing them  with my viewers.

"FriendQuest: The Game"
Alpha Build Concepts

Created in 2016 for a Videogame Pipeline course, those enrolled in the class would create an early alpha build demo of an original video game. We were tasked to work on our project alone - from making the art assets to coding and learning how to use the programs that would bring it to life.

Loving the idea of seeing my graphic novel as a videogame, I dove right in with the intent of making a point-and-click style puzzle adventure game that readers could play to unlock more lore to the series that would otherwise be overlooked in the novel.

"Crazy Bob's Garage"

These concepts were gifts to my grandfather, 'Crazy Bob' himself. An avid fan of Rick and Morty and an endless source of entertaining, sometimes disturbing, stories I decided to bring the concept of his own Rick and Morty styled show to life.

Many stories he and the family tell were long before I was born, like the 'Alien Abduction' where he was assailed by balloons in the darkness of his home after my uncle had gone to prom, having fallen asleep to a marathon of the X - Files (re-imagined in one of my concepts here). And a story he began suddenly at a family dinner with the phrase "I pitch-forked a rooster once".


Others that I was present for, like the disastrous family camping trip in which he terrorized food thieving raccoons with a hotdog roasting fork in his underwear in the middle of the night by a dying campfire hold a special place in my heart. And my brain. Where the images are forever seared whether I want them to be there or not.

"Assorted Concepts"

These concepts come from a variety of projects - whether it's simply tossing ideas around and wanting to try new techniques or coming up with the first idea of a character for whatever tabletop campaign I'm involved in next.

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