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FriendQuest is by and far my biggest and most beloved project. It started as a work of passion and continues to be something I want to work to see grow and thrive.

FriendQuest is a story that grew out of trauma - having been a victim of sexual assault in my teenage years and being diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a result. I struggled greatly with what had happened to me and these new mental illnesses that would become a fixture in my life. FriendQuest was my way of facing that trauma, to insert myself as a character in these conflicts and face these problems under the guise of fantasy and adventure.


Originally it was a personal tool, but over time I received messages from readers talking about how nice it was to see a main character who had gone through what they had and struggled with the same things. Others would write to me about some of the scenes in which characters would help others cope and how they used it to help a friend that they wouldn't have known how to otherwise. I was gifted works of art by my readers, fans who put in the time and effort to show how much it meant to them. FriendQuest is no longer important just to me, but to others as well, and I want to be there for them.

"Haunted Boston"

My first contribution to the Spitball Comics Anthology in 2016, I produced the illustrations for a five page comic after being teamed up with writer Sam Humphries for the project. While he wrote the story, it was my job to illustrate it and bring it to life.

Haunted Boston is the story of a girl struggling with her depression and the kind actions of a guiding ancestral spirit. Fighting against and taking control of your situation can open a great number of opportunities that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

"Sugary Baggage"

I was accepted a second time into the Spitball Comics Anthology in 2017. This time I was paired with writer, voice actor, and artist duo Rikki and Tavisha Simmons.

Given a script of lovable characters, adventure, mischief, and silliness I dove right in to illustrating the story in a way that would give the visuals needed for these characters and settings already filled with personality.

The titular character, Sugary Baggage, is already on thin ice with her captain after having been caught stealing some of his precious sweets. But with the Queen's Navy fast approaching, warning them all in time will require her to interrupt the captain in the middle of his  favorite shows!

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